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The Basics of Sound Systems

The one day intensive, BUT FUN, audio seminar.


We applied for and received IRS 501(c)3 non-profit status for Audio Systems Academy, but the process took longer than expected. The result being we missed out on opportunities for certain grants. With the non-profit status approval we changed from GP Lorenzen to Audio Systems Academy.

Patti is recovering from her stroke more slowly than anticipated, therefore we may not do any more seminars this year, we will see. The ASA Road Tour of 2019 was cancelled and we dropped the Go Fund Me campaign. We receive no corporate funding, but accept donations via check, PayPal or in some instances, equipment.

We missed seeing everyone at Infocomm (AVIXIA) this year. We hope to see you at Infocomm 2020 and at summer NAMM. There is a very good possibility of doing a tour in 2020. We may be down, but are by no means out!

Currently we need funding to get on the road in 2020 and are seeking one or more philanthropists who share our vision of good audio and the technical arts to assist with major contributions. If you desire to support the academy, please contact us for more information. As always any and all assistance is gratefully appreciated.

Thanks to all who supported us during this time. Stay in touch!

Last update: October 28, 2019

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